Naijaflez entertainment has been rolling the balls online, giving and providing latest updates as it happens around the world.

Today we will be doing giveaways for our beloved readers who have been reading tirelessly on the blog, this is a sign of gratitude and a show of love and thanks for visiting the site.

The giveaway post would be on Fridays, but as time goes on we will add extra days to it so you can win everyday while reading your daily news in the comfort of your home.

There would be activities where you would have fun and participate in to win the prizes everyday

Here are different ways to win

  1. Everyday on each blog post there would be a free recharge card (all networks) within the post all you have to is to read the posts for that day and find the recharge cards (fastest fingers)
  1. cash prizes would also be available also up to 6k for 3 users on the post (special post would be identified as “ASP”)
  2. fastest fingers competition would also be made available(we’ll drop a random post and ask you to find them to receive the prizes (3 posts)
  3. Best comments (winners would also be picked randomly with best comments, comments would be checked and approved by a random selector app (so there’s no partiality)
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