NF Talks: See what happened to Shatta bandle

Popular online celebrity “Shatta bandle” who made us laugh with his sense of humor and the way he shows off his asset online claiming to be the richest man in Africa is now doing this.

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The name Shatta bandle came into light in from the year 2019, Shatta bandle is a short Ghanaian who is endowed with a lot of riches and assets, he shows off these assets online while claiming to be the richest man in Africa , he has also claimed one time to be richer than the CEO of one of the biggest companies in Africa, “Dangote”, Shatta bandle has showed the world that your disability doesn’t stop you from being great but only by hard work and commitment can these be achieved  Shatta bandle now is enjoying his riches posting on social media as much as he can and enjoying his free life as a billionaire.

Do you remember one of his slangs? Drop them in the comment section (First Funniest slangs wins)

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