After the #endsars protest in lekki which led to a massive massacre of Nigerians at the lekki toll gate, Nigerian youths took to the streets to continue their peaceful protest, but the problem now was that thugs used these opportunity to carry out their illegal activites.

The activities included breaking and entry, stealing, destroying of properties both private and government, prison breaks , burning of police stations and some lost their lives in the process.

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One of the houses and raided property is that of the Oba of Lagos, whose palace was raided and his staff of authority taken, after a few weeks of warnings by the king the staff was finally returned to him and a celebration was held in its arrival.

Now the king definitely is angry because of the insult and the disrespect brought to his kingdom and to his kingship and would probably make some amends in his reign to stop anything like this from happening again, but still ,would he be able to forgive the youths who stormed his palace and stole his staff of authority?

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